Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year, New Blog, New Start

Since my OLD blog got hacked, I decided to start over.  Fresh & New.  Just like the year~!!  I have so many things coming up in 2012, I figured I needed a place to keep everything.  Welcome~!

At the end of last year, I joined a group called The IndiExhibit. The indiExhibit is an organization that represents independent artists and creatives at the best celebrity gift lounges in Hollywood. Our group consists of a variety of artisans from around the world who have come together to promote their work collectively.  So far, I've sent gift certificates for product in the swag bags for the Miss California & Miss Teen USA Pageants and soon to be in swag bags for the Miss Nevada Pageant.  I'm very excited for the upcoming year with The indieExhibit!

I have also been asked to teach some online courses in crochet and jewelry making by a dear friend of mine, Kelly from Knittingandthings .  (Psst, if you are a multi media artist or artist of any kind, Kelly is EXTREMELY inspirational!  You should subscribe to her Youtube Channel!

Also in the next few months, I will be having my very own, shiny new, website!  See?  GrEaT Things this year!

Stay Crafty!

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