Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Name, Same ME!

So, I decided to change my business name.  I know, it sounds silly....  I've been in business 3 years (on May 2nd), but I wanted something more "business like" and less "crafty".  Does that make sense?  Also, I wanted something related to Blue October .  Ever since finding Blue October's music, I have become a stronger person.  I have met some fantabulous friends.  Some, like family.  So, after going through every Blue October song, I (with the help of some friends) came up with Inner Glow Creations! 

There are a few reasons behind that choice....

Here's a link to a video from the song.  It's a fan video, because there isn't an official video for this song.  I could find thousands of live versions of the song, but you wouldn't be able to hear and appreciate the lyrics, the reason behind my choice.

 "This song is about believing in yourself, no matter how down you are that there always is a light at the end of the tunnel.  So the quote 'We're gonna wake up strong' is kind of a motto for me because mornings always seem to be the hardest time. So it's kind of a another prayer just to try and wake up strong and believe in yourself. 'And strive, if you fail at least you tried to keep your aching celebrating wonder making heart alive. Yeah and pride don't keep it all inside', you know it's wake up strong.  It's a positive song.  It's probably one of the most positive songs I've ever written.  I'm proud of it." ~ Justin Furstenfeld, Blue October

So, this song has some pretty powerful feelings behind it as much of Blue October's music does.  I even have lyrics (to a different song) tattooed on my arm.  I'm not ashamed to say I love this band, their music, their message.  Justin has Bipolar disorder, just like me.  Some days, I need someone else to tell me to "Wake up Strong".  

Gonna wake up strong ya we're all gonna wake up strong... yeah well write your own song...

So today, I write my own song.  Welcome to Inner Glow Creations

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